Security Culture in companies

Security Culture

"Smart" tools give us the ability to create an accurate and detailed diagnosis of your current situation and accurately identify the possibilities for improvement of the security culture in your organization.

TWISK® helps organizations to analyse their security awareness culture and implement the appropriate measures at the organizational, group and personal level. It rates the strengths and weaknesses of the security culture of your company, both before and after the implementation of awareness measures.

  • TWISK® is an ideal support for you in planning and tracking awareness measures for ISO 27001 certification.

  • For a rapid and standardised procedure, TWISK® is implemented in software. We provide TWISK® to you as an Internet or intranet application.

TWISK® Smart Tools:

  • Proven Assessment Framework
  • Customizable Surveys
  • User-friendly reports
  • Benchmarking
  • Expert System
  • Fast and standardised approach
  • TWISK VMServer
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TWISK® – the Methodology


TWISK® – and what it offers you


Awareness ISO certification

Where Do We Start?

TreeSolution constantly researches and develops new knowledge about security cultures. In the same way, we strive for perfect information security for our customers.

Because we continually help you to achieve the right standard in a world of change, we also help you to come closer and closer to security excellence.

Security Culture

Solving the Right Problem

We also know that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. We help you to look for the most vulnerable parts of your information security chain and fix them as a priority.

Knowing how to find the weakest links in the awareness and behaviour of employees, as well as in the corporate culture, is our starting point.

Awareness ISO

Solution by Gap Analysis

Properly identifying and evaluating human behaviour with TWISK® means you can better understand the complex environment. Gap analysis brings you enlightenment and reassurance. Enlightenment, because you can see exactly where you are today and where you should be tomorrow; and reassurance, because we can help you get there efficiently and effectively.