TWISK® - the Solution

TWISK® is a customised solution for all your needs whatever the size of your company and has a proven track record worldwide for security awareness surveys.

Our tools are used successfully with financial institutions, telecommunications companies, government agencies, IT and consulting companies as well as in the high tech industry. See reference list >

TWISK® is excellent for evaluation before and after of security awareness measures. We focus on methods that are tested in theory and in practice, and that can be integrated harmoniously into an ISMS based on ISO 27001.

The questionnaire examines the relevant security issues in the human, organisational and technical areas. It shows you for example the satisfaction with security measures, the role of management as a model, or the reputation of the security policy. Similarly, ethics and knowledge of industry-specific laws are examined.

For a rapid and standardised procedure, TWISK® is implemented in software. We provide TWISK® to you as an Internet or intranet application.

What TWISK® Offers You:

  • Detailed diagnosis of your situation
  • Extensive selection of validated questions
  • Identification of improvements
  • Effective measures recommended by our expert system
  • Compare your results with the benchmark
  • Economical, clear and easy

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