We provide individual programs customised to your business for awareness training. Various toolkits enable targeted and well-rounded training in IT security for your employees.

TreeSolution provides you comprehensive and professional support in order to bring security matters closer to employees and management. We offer you individual and modular programs, tailored exactly to your needs and target audience.

We provide effective and well-rounded trainings. In this way you can increase security and compliance through awareness training within your organization.

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With TreeSolution

Effective and Well-rounded E-Learnings about Security and Compliance

E-Learning Information Security: Scenario

The courses are methodically and didactically structured so that only a minimum of effort by the learner is required for a maximum of learning effect - this makes learning even more fun.

The design and content of all our courses can easily be adapted to the needs of your organization. In this way you increase security and compliance within your organization to an optimum.



Numerous Possibilities of Digital Learning

The numerous possibilities of digital learning are exploited through theory, multimedia and dynamic content, with suitable combinations of exercises and tests.

In this way our e-learning courses are not only effective, but also make fun.

E-LEarning: Example Screen

  • You can select the subject modules according to your needs and combine them to a course. Thus you train exactly the subjects which must be trained.
  • To achieve an instant brand recognition, the design can easily be adapted to your corporate design.
  • Also the contents and language can be adapted to your situation to get the maximum out of the course.
  • The courses can be integrated in your existing e-learning platform, delivered with an new platform or hosted in the cloud.

Subject Modules

Information Security

  • Classification
  • Clear Desk, Clear Screen
  • Mobile devices and data storage media
  • Working on the go and at home
  • Passwords
  • Malware
  • Social Engineering
  • Conduct on the Internet
  • E-Mail
  • Social Media
  • Reporting security incidents
  • Instructions and directives

Physical Security

  • Wearing badge and dealing with visitors
  • Accidents, fire and evacuation


  • Data Protection
  • Bank-Client Confidentiality

Are you looking for an effective awareness training program? We offer you standard courses as well as individual and modular programs, tailored exactly to your needs and target audience. Our e-learnings are based on the following principles:

ARCS Design Model

The success of a training depends crucially on the motivation of the learners.

To reach a very high motivation, we work with the design model ARCS when developing learning contents:

  • Attention: Getting the attention by surprise or curiosity.
  • Relevance: Creating relevance through real workday examples.
  • Confidence: Confidence in success by clear guidance and motivating exercises.
  • Satisfaction: Reward by positive feedback and showing a clear benefit.

Scenario-Based Learning

Scenario-based learning ties together expert knowledge with instructional knowledge by presenting situations which can happen in a typical workday. The learners must evaluate the situation realistically and make the right decision.

Scenario-based learning:

  • motivates the learners;
  • allows the learners to directly see the e-learning rewards;
  • challenges the learners without overwhelming their mental capacity;
  • is based on realistic situations.

flexible Learning Center

You need a learning platform for your e-learning project? We offer our courses hosted on our learning platform.
Our Learning Centre is flexible and can be used for a variety of training projects. Providing attractive e-learnings, representing the central learning platform of your company or being part in your blended learning approach: The TreeSolution Learning Centre has proved itself in manifold scenarios.

  • We host your courses maintenance free and ready for use on our servers.
  • You pay only for your usage.