Security Awareness

Our awareness campaigns are designed to reach your goals. The target definition is based on measurement results, as for example, those realised with our TWISK® solution.

Security Awareness

Security Awareness Campaigns

The security awareness campaigns are monitored and controlled. Follow-up evaluation can easily be integrated in the process, to confirm the improvement.

Various tools that can be tailored specifically to your needs allow you to implement targeted and versatile IT security awareness Training.

With TreeSolution

Starting with your situation, the requirements and targets for effective implementation, which we define together, TreeSolution can work with you on the following strategic issues:

IT Awareness


By recognizing the fundamental factors that affect your organization, we develop and implement programs with you in order to increase awareness in your organization. We make it relevant, interesting and even humorous - but above all we do it effectively.

Security und IT Awareness


We define the correct behaviour with you and integrate it in the security awareness campaign. Monitoring, repeated inspections and surveys, and in-situ observations are means by which we work, so that the security awareness of your employees also influences behaviour correctly.

Awareness campaigns


Assimilation of the right security awareness and behaviour into the corporate culture means that information security becomes a part of "how we do it here". Since no two corporate cultures are the same, our experience is the key to making this happen for each individual customer.