Simply leaving information security to the "technicians" could be the worst mistake ever made. We tell you why management should be involved.

Even if a robust technical approach is a critical part of the whole system, it would be useless alone. If you do not ensure that it is accompanied by an equally strong information security ABC (Awareness, Behaviour, Corporate Culture) among all your employees, then your money is wasted. It might even be worse, because the illusion of protection could leave you with security vulnerabilities, without you knowing it.

Top-Down Information Security Too

TreeSolution therefore ensures that management participates at all levels in order to bring in information security that works. In the corporate culture, management, from the managing director and CEO to line managers at all levels, is a driving force.

Part of the Corporate Culture

If information security is a real part of your corporate culture, the right employee behaviour will automatically follow and awareness remains at the right level permanently.

TreeSolution Works with Your Management

TreeSolution works closely with your management to plan, introduce, monitor and further develop the future information security for your organization. We train your managers, so that they continue to motivate your employees and maintain the right information security principles every day. See how TreeSolution and your management can work together today on effective information security and make it a reality.

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