Security Audit

TreeSolution checks your information technology for risks and vulnerabilities. Regular security audits and security assessments are an indispensable part of integral baseline protection.

Security Assessment

We work with security audits based on the international family of standards ISO / IEC 2700x and on the IT baseline protection catalogues of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Our security audits and security assessments help you to reduce vulnerabilities and implement best-practice standards in your organization. Using organizational, technical, personnel and structural questions, they cover all aspects of information security.

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A security audit brings your company benefits

Our experience has taught us two critical things:

  1. Your requirements for information security are always different than those of other customers.
  2. The basic principles of real and effective information security are tried and tested.

Every one of our customers starts out from a different situation, to then approach an "ideal" information security solution. Keeping in mind the required results, we work with you to achieve "what is necessary" by the right adaptation and application of "how to get there".

By working with best practices, we ensure that the special services you require are strengthened by sound and secure information security principles. Our customer reviews show how we work individually with each customer to achieve an implementation that really meets their specific requirements for a security audit.

Security Audit

The audit and the security assessment are tailored to your needs. In a first appraisal we use a gap analysis to assess your information security with respect to defined standards. Where necessary, we update the appraisal with a specific risk analysis.

In a detailed plan of action, we then develop recommendations that will durably improve your information security.

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