Customers ask

Members of staff often do not know the most basic protection and security measures: One of the many problems for which Chief Information Officers (CIO) and Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) seek us out.

Problem areas for which we receive requests

  • The information that circulates in the organization is its lifeblood. The loss or misuse of this information could destroy the business.
  • Governments publish laws that make directors and board members personally responsible for problems in information security.
  • Employees often do not know even the most basic protective measures for information security.

TreeSolution helps you to solve all these problems. We work together with you on the implementation of solutions that are customised to suit your situation. Our flexible, effective solutions based on international standards mean that information security ceases to be a chore and starts to make a valuable contribution.

If you have a strategic or an urgent problem with your information security and you want to find a solution for your organization, please use our contact page or call us now.