How to change security behaviour

Social Media (Gamified)

In this game-based course, we will talk about the risks associated with social media and the legal and company-specific rules that you must follow when publishing on the web.


Language: German, English, French, Italian
Duration: 15-20 minutes
Format: SCORM or via our Learning Center
Responsive design: The E-Learning can be done on a PC, notebook or tablet.
Customizable to the company: Yes, for example, guidelines, terms, colors, font, logo, contact data and linked documents.

Learning goals:

• You will know the dangers of social media and will be able to list them
• You will understand the rules when dealing with social media and will be able to describe them
• You will be able to apply the rules and legal foundations for social media
• You will know how to protect business data
• You will be able to react quickly and correctly to an incident

Learning content:

• Video clip
• Risks
• Scenarios - Multi-part, interactive short story
• Rules for social media
• Your social media profiles
• Legal basis
• Dealing with difficult situations
• Challenges und results
• Conclusion

Number of lessons:


Target group:

All employees in your company.

Additional documents:

Information sheet, animated film, poster, e-mail and intranet information.
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