Evacuation, Accidents and Fire

This course will cover the evacuation process and the actions you should take to protect yourself and your colleagues. Learn what you should do in the event of an accident or fire at work.


Language: German, English, French, Italian
Duration: 8-12 minutes
Format: SCORM or via our Learning Center
Responsive design: The E-Learning can be done on a PC, notebook, tablet and smartphone.
Customizable to the company: Yes, for example, guidelines, terms, colors, font, logo, contact data and linked documents.


• You will know the measures for the protection of life and health and will be able to name them
• You will be able to list the procedures in case of accident or fire
• You will understand the evacuation process and will be able to describe it
• You will be able to use the procedures for evacuation, fire or accident


• Risks
• Scenarios - Multi-part, interactive short story
• Evacuation
• Fire
• Accidents – good preparation is important
• Accidents – what should you do?
• Interactive exercises
• Quiz
• Conclusion

Anzahl Lektionen:



All employees in your company.

Zusätzliche Dokumente:

Information sheet, animated film, poster, e-mail and intranet information.


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