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Protection Against Phishing (Gamified)

In this game-based course, you will learn what phishing is and what is important to know about it. After an introduction, you will learn in a game challenge how to spot and ward off phishing attacks.


Language: German, English, French, Italian
Duration: 15-20 minutes
Format: SCORM or via our Learning Center
Responsive design: The E-Learning can be done on a PC, notebook or tablet.
Customizable to the company: Yes, for example, guidelines, terms, colors, font, logo, contact data and linked documents.


• You will know what phishing is and will be able to define it
• You will know the risks of phishing and will be able to list them
• You will know and will be able to describe the different types of phishing
• You will know the typical features of phishing emails and will be able to describe them
• You will be able to distinguish phishing emails from correct emails


• Video Clip
• What is Phishing and why does it concern me?
• Scenarios - Multi-part, interactive short story
• Different types of Phishing
• How to recognize Phishing?
• What to do about Phishing?
• Challenges und results
• Conclusion

Anzahl Lektionen:



Any employees in your company, who work with e-mail and internet.

Zusätzliche Dokumente:

Information sheet, animated film, poster, e-mail and intranet information.