The TreeSolution ABC of enterprise information security

TreeSolution sensitizes and trains everyone in your company, anchoring the structure of information security in the culture of your business. That means in the everyday thought processes and actions of all your employees at all levels, including the company leaders.

This approach lets you protect your information and thus your company from attackers, accidents, and business and reputational damage.

More security for your company

The best way to more IT and information security in your business is simplicity. The simpler and more efficient the measures for all employees, the better they work. We offer solutions that are tailored to your company. You choose the point at which you want to start:

Solutions for specific areas

The first step is often the most important - no matter where you start.
Let us support you in a specific area to:

Discover your possibilities for improvement in an intensive consultation phase, in which we discover your options and develop a security awareness strategy for you.

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Measure and improve the security awareness and security culture in your company with TWISK® Security Awareness Radar.

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Strengthen your information security with our individually tailored e-learning solutions in the right place for maximum impact: your employees.

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Book individual campaigns for more information security in your organisation, where we strengthen the security awareness of your employees.

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A Partner for security awareness and security culture

Get a partner who is on your side for security awareness and security culture to strengthen the information security in your company durably from the ground up. We accompany you with tailormade actions, so that you see steady improvement, thanks to the analysis and advice from our team, regular information security and awareness measurements with TWISK® Security Awareness Radar, and e-learning offerings tailored to your company.

Become a member of the TreeSolution Security Awareness Club and benefit from numerous privileges and additional benefits:

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Cyber security and IT security

Information security relies on the behaviour and actions of your employees. In turn, your employees rely on good cyber security and IT security. With Network-Box and other innovative technical solutions, you can make sure of your cyber security and IT security too. We integrate information security and IT security to help you find the best solutions for your business at all levels.

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TreeSolution and TWISK® Security Awareness Radar

With TWISK® Security Awareness Radar, TreeSolution provides a software-based solution for companies looking to increase the security of their information. The aim is long-term, effective improvement, which focuses on the crucial point: the employees of a company.

Our focus on the ABC of information security - Awareness, Behaviour, Culture - is helping small, medium and large companies from Switzerland, Europe and the world to achieve new goals.

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TWISK® Benchmark radar visualisation with sample data
TWISK® Benchmark radar (sample data)
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CEO and founder

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