Strategy development

Which path will lead your company to greater information security?

You may already know that you want to strengthen your information security, but are you still wondering about how best to proceed? Choosing the right direction and the most effective steps is also a matter of experience.

That is why we work with you and develop a suitable strategy for your company to strengthen security awareness in culture and behaviour. You can use our analysis skills in this way and then do the implementation yourself or, for example, comply with an obligation to obtain and compare different offers.

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How does strategy development work for more information security?

To find out how to proceed, we first find out which way to go. For this we conduct an inventory analysis: Which elements make up information security in your company?

We recommend using the TWISK® Security Awareness Radar in the analysis. But we can also work without the tool and develop a strategy for you. Based on the results, you can request a quote from us or use your existing infrastructure to implement campaigns, e-learning or ongoing analytics.

From awareness to secure behavior

How does strategy development directly affect corporate information security?

Pure strategy development does not yet mean implementation. However, this first step often already has a positive impact on the information security culture in your company. This is because the decision for analysis and alignment signals the importance of the topic to the management.

The analysis also uncovers weaknesses and offers solutions at the same time. So, no matter what implementation you choose, this practical step will give you a good overview of the end goal and how to reach it.

Capability maturity model of security culture

More than strategy development

The strategies we develop for you can be used as a basis for implementing measures internally. Otherwise, they can be used to get offers for the implementation and compare them.

In any case, we are also happy to be your contact after the strategy development and support you in the long term through periodic examination and alignment.

Dr. Thomas Schlienger
CEO and founder

Strategies for more information security
in your company

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