How to change security behaviour
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Holistic protection of your information security for your small or medium-sized company

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Just right for small and medium-sized companies. TreeSolution's efficient procedures offer you clear advantages for ensuring information security in your company.

"The Security Awareness Radar® check-up survey provided us with insights that helped us better plan future investments and campaigns. The collaboration with TreeSolution gave us security-relevant input, which we were able to implement immediately."

Daniel Graf

Federal IT Governing Body, ISB

More than technology – the importance of IT security culture

For small and medium-sized companies, data and information are now raw material and capital. It can be a challenge for an enterprise to find the right approach for this new situation.

Simplification of security awareness with a strategy and action plan

Here's what you get

Standardisierte Kurse

Individual analysis

  • Questionnaire to determine the status of security for your company - analysis of your current situation

You benefit from our experience of more than 200 implemented projects

Angepasste Kurse

Strategy meeting

  • Presentation of the results of the analysis
  • Development of a clear roadmap to greater security for you

Mapping of your individual path based on proven concepts from all industries

Individuell entwickelte Kurse

Strategy documentation

  • Clear timetable
  • Detailed recommendations for action

Implementation of the strategy enables you to reduce the human risk factor by Ø 28 percent

What’s in it for you?

• Practical instructions for implementation based on defined goals
• A solution that addresses existing security gaps
• Clarity on your security awareness spending and resources

Sensitization of your employees through automated, motivating training actions

What’s in it for you?

• Customized e-learning for your company
• Completely automated training actions
• Target specific groups and processes

Standardisierte Kurse

Standard courses

on topics that are relevant to many companies.

Angepasste Kurse

Customized courses

that focus on a topic that is common to your industry or organization.

Individuell entwickelte Kurse

Individually developed courses

that target a specific security aspect in your company.

Your holistic approach to protecting your security awareness and security culture.

What’s in it for you?

• Protection of your company in all areas
• Your critical security measures shared in the right way with the right people
• Individual motivation of the different types of learners in your company

Standardisierte Kurse

Why do you need to look out?

In small and medium-sized companies especially, it’s always a challenge to know how much priority to give to security measures. However, it is precisely these areas that attract attackers because the measures taken are often insufficient, making companies easy game for hackers.

Do you want holistic protection for your company?

Your major benefits

Saving time in training your employees
Analysis of your results based on existing metrics
Identification of your strengths and weaknesses
Effective security measurements
Short implementation time through direct communication and quick deployment
Saving money with the right measures
Individual recommendations for measures based on your measurements
Employee motivation with unique learning methods
Jan Friml, Lead E-Learning Entwicklung

Dr. Thomas Schlienger

CEO and founder

A sustainable IT security culture in your company

Planning and implementing a holistic safety culture is not an easy task for small and medium-sized companies.

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