Learning with chatbots  – short, to the point and flexible timing

We offer a new unique chatbot service:  Receive   micro-learning units for all our subjects via  short chats on your mobile phone or desktop computer. Learn in short chats the basics of  our subjects such as phishing and how you can protect yourself. 

On request, we are happy to create chatbots on other topics and at different learning levels.

For more information about our chatbot service, please click here.

We are used to communicate via messaging services. Why not use it with our chatbots, it is fun and a new channel to convey training.


German, English, French, Italian, other languages on request.


Chat-based training on your mobile phone or computer (SMS/Web, Slack or Microsoft Teams).


1-2 minutes per chat

Customizable to the company:

Yes. Charged according to labour and time.

Target group:

Suitable for all company sizes and employee segments.

Product included in the Security Awareness Club:

As additional option.