How to change security behaviour
"Science and psychology are necessary for effective information security. This combination enables us to offer state-of-the-art training solutions and tailor them to the needs of your specific business."

E-learning: Anchoring Security in the Culture of Your Company

Awareness for Information Security

Quick, efficient security e-learnings for target group training

With e-learning courses, we offer efficient and effective training on information security topics via short learning units. Our e-learning courses are modular, offering personalized combinations for your desired target groups and your company. The target group-oriented training lets you meet specific company, department and role needs and thus train your employees efficiently in the information security topics that are relevant to them. In this way you can achieve your information security goals and contribute to the protection of your company through good security awareness.

TreeSolution's e-learnings on security and compliance, tailored to your target group

TreeSolution e-learning solutions include information security, IT security, compliance, and privacy courses that can be tailored to suit companies. The courses are carried out flexibly on a personal computer with only minimal time needed for the individual participant. Through the organization via the intranet or the Internet, all employees can be reached, even at different locations.

Standard Courses

Standard Courses

on topics that are relevant in many companies.

Customized Courses

Customized Courses

that apply a popular subject to your industry or organization.

Individually Designed

Individually Designed

courses that address a specific security issue in your organization.

Individual courses or modules can be combined, allowing us to achieve highly sustainable success in many companies by reactivating pre-existing knowledge.ting knowledge.

Examples from our e-learning solutions

Here you can see example pictures of how our security awareness e-learning courses look like. All of our courses can be specifically adapted to the corporate design of your company.

Outstanding numbers

Since 2005, employees have been trained with our e-learnings. The figures are impressive and are growing daily.

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All lessons sold to clients.

Wide selection of our e-learning courses

We offer e-learning in the areas of information security & cyber security, physical security, compliance, as well as gamified in-depth topics.

Which e-learning solutions are you interested in?

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How does e-learning improve information security?

E-learning courses are an effective way to increase security awareness in your business and to anchor information security in your company's culture. While other education courses and seminars on the subject have their place in companies, TreeSolution e-learning offers the following advantages:

No space or deadline problems
Employees do the lesson at their own workplace and in their own time. There is no need to make appointments or organise special locations.
Security E-Learning: No space or deadline problems
Security E-Learning: Entertaining reactivation
Entertaining reactivation
of existing knowledge for all participants with lasting success.
Time allocation to suit each participant
Employees do the lesson at an appropriate time and at their own pace.
Security E-Learning: Time allocation to suit each participant
Security E-Learning: Flexible application
Flexible application
whenever questions or priorities for information security arise.

Does information security awareness in your company extend to all levels including top management?

Only regular activation and application can anchor the foundations of information security in the thoughts and actions of all employees of a company. We measure the quality of an activation measure by its efficiency: how much effort does it require from you? With our e-learning offers, you can achieve your information security goals in short learning units that are easy to integrate into the daily work of all employees and that can be easily combined.

Contact us for an offer specific to your needs.

Security E-Learning

Building on e-learning

Our ready to use e-learning courses are particularly suitable for companies that want to create awareness of a common topic among their employees.

We tailor customized and individually developed courses for companies that know the gaps in their information security concept and are looking for solutions.

Would you like to objectively measure the success of the e-learning units and achieve constant improvement? Based on the units that are right for you, we can help you achieve this goal with the Security Awareness Radar®.

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Learning Information Security at the Workplace with E-Learnings

Your Major Benefits

Effective and well-founded training courses
Proven motivational design
Individual and modular programs
Standardized or adapted to your needs
Supporting multimedia and printing materials
Easy and fast deployment
Target group oriented and specific preparation
TreeSolution has strongly increased the efficiency and sustainability of our training and awareness campaigns.

Franziska De Rosa

Security Officer, Swisscom AG
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Jan Friml, Lead E-Learning Development

Jan Friml

Lead E-Learning Development

E-learning information security for your business

Make IT security awareness spread throughout your organisation.
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