How to change security behaviour

Identification and Classification of Information

In this course we will show you how important it is to handle both printed and electronic documents securely. You will also learn how to protect your information through proper classification.


Language: German, English, French, Italian
Duration: 8-12 minutes
Format: SCORM or via our Learning Center
Responsive design: The E-Learning can be done on a PC, notebook, tablet and smartphone.
Customizable to the company: Yes, for example, guidelines, terms, colors, font, logo, contact data and linked documents.

Learning goals:

• You will be able to name the risks if proper attention is not given to classification
• You will be able to describe the levels of protection of the classification in your company
• You will be able to describe the handling of classified information
• You will be able to create documents with correct classification

Learning content:

• Risks
• Scenarios - Multi-part, interactive short story
• Protection classes
• Handling classified information
• Interactive exercises
• Quiz
• Conclusion

Number of lessons:


Target group:

Any employees in your company, who are in contact with data of different kinds.

Additional documents:

Information sheet, animated film, poster, e-mail and intranet information.
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