How to change security behaviour
"As cybercrime evolves and causes more damage each year, everyone is responsible for securing cyberspace."

Phishing Training Service

Campaigns to strengthen information security

Today it is more important than ever to empower your employees to recognize security risks and to help close security holes. Phishing emails present one of the biggest risks, as they attempt to obtain personal employee data and internal company data. Such spying attempts via email are part of social engineering.

Phishing presents one of the greatest dangers of the Internet

Despite technological advances in email filtering, most cyberattacks still start with malicious emails.

79 %
of breaches start with an employee mistake
76 %
of business face phishing attacks
30 %
of phishing messages get opened by targeted users
days between infiltration and detection

Thus, it is important to train your employees on the subject and to enable them to recognize phishing and to respond correctly.

Regular short phishing training sessions have shown to reduce the risk of dangerous emails being opened, answered or links being clicked on. This way, your employees practice the right behavior constantly and with time it becomes intuitive.  

Take off thanks to the right security awareness

Minimize risks and security holes with phishing training

Are you looking for a good phishing training service? We offer a phishing training service to regularly teach your employees directly at their workplace. The objective is for your employees to recognize phishing emails and handle them correctly and consequently to protect your company from phishing and cyber criminals.  

Your employees receive regularly individual phishing email simulations to train their responses to phishing emails. Thanks to this type of training, your employees learn to identify and report suspicious emails. The phishing simulations are integrated into the work routine to train behavioral changes continuously. 

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Anchoring information security in corporate culture with campaigns
Standard Courses

Reporting and evaluation

Use our phishing tool to evaluate and analyze the training achievements. This is done anonymously using groups or departments predefined by the company.

Customized Courses

Who should use our phishing training

The phishing training service is intended for companies who would like to enable their employees to recognize, report and correctly handle phishing emails. The training is suitable for all employees working with emails.  

Why is phishing training worthwhile

Ongoing training at the workplace during working hours
Regular learning units
Short, individual and realistic phishing simulations
Learn to report phishing
Increase security awareness
Better protection for the company
The Information Security Awareness Campaign was mentioned in the leadership meeting and everyone stated they loved it. The format selected stood out and made a real difference. It will inspire us for our future awareness work.

Jef Guerne

CISO, Givaudan SA

Service information

Jan Friml, Lead E-Learning Development


The phishing training  service supports companies when training their employees to recognize phishing and to respond correctly.  The objective is to enable each and every  employee  to protect themselves and the company from phishing and cyber crime. 


Your employees receive  regularly  simulated phishing emails directly into their inbox.  The content is individually tailored for each employee in line with their scope of activities and their learning progress. Any emails can be reported as phishing via a button. Following the reporting, the user receives immediate feedback regarding the reported email. This  supports  an ongoing training and the learning of new skills.

Learning goals :

  • Recognize phishing emails 
  • Report phishing emails 
  • The correct response to phishing 

Target group:

All employees in your company who work with emails. 

Technical :

  • Language: German, English, French, Italian and many more
  • Duration: 1-2 minutes per case 
  • Format: E-Mail  
  • Customizable to the company: Yes 

Price request:

The price depends on the number of employees who want to use the service. We are happy to prepare a quote for you. 

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Dr. Thomas Schlienger, TreeSolution CEO and founder

Dr. Thomas Schlienger

CEO and founder

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