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Test your employees with regular phishing simulations. Through click and opening rates, you can quickly identify successful behavior changes.

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Why is phishing so dangerous?

Email is often the gateway for cyber attacks. Hackers try to get to internal information. Once they have made their way infiltrating your system they launch further attacks.

Even if in the meantime the technological progress is great; it is not possible to filter out all malicious emails. This makes it even more important that you train your employees on this topic and empower them to recognize phishing.

79 %

of cyberattacks begin with an employee error

76 %

of business face phishing attacks

30 %

of phishing messages get opened by targeted users


days pass between the infiltration of the system and the discovery thereof

For all these reasons, it is important that your employees are capable of identifying phishing emails and handling them properly.

Minimize risks

How does phishing training reduce your risks and close your security gaps?

Your employees will be trained directly at their workplace at regular intervals. The aim is to recognize phishing emails and know how to deal with them correctly. With your employees' help, protect your company from phishing and cybercriminals.

Reporting and evaluation

With the phishing tool you can make regular evaluations to determine the training success rate. The evaluations are anonymous and you can select which target groups you want to evaluate

Training schedule

Employees regularly receive individual phishing email simulations, which provide training on how to deal with them. In doing so, we embed the simulations into the daily work routine in your company in order to train sustainable change of behavior.


Who is the phishing training suitable for?

Companies that want to empower their employees to recognize, report and properly handle phishing emails. This training is essential for all employees who work with email!


What are the advantages of phishing training?

Ongoing on-the-job training

Ongoing on-the-job training

Sustainable and regular learning units

Sustainable and regular learning units

Short, individual and realistic phishing simulations

Short, individual and realistic phishing simulations

Learning awareness of how to recognize phishing emails

Learning awareness of how to recognize phishing emails

Raising security awareness

Raising security awareness

Better protection for your company

Better protection for your company

Laufende Schulung am Arbeitsplatz

Nachhaltige und regelmässige Lerneinheiten

Kurze, individuelle und realistische Phishing-Simulationen

Erlernen des Bewusstseins für das Erkennen von Phishing-E-Mails

Steigerung des Sicherheitsbewusstseins

Besserer Schutz für Ihr Unternehmen

All services related to the phishing service are provided 100% from Switzerland.

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