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Become our new partner now! Benefit from our knowledge and experience, and raise the security level of your customers. Together, we pursue a vision of improving security awareness in companies.

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As your security partner, we want to work with you to contribute to the intelligent improvement of information security.

Owing to our years of experience, supported by scientific research and facts, we develop measures that strengthen information security at the most important point: With the employees.

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Every partner has individual needs and goals. That's why our partner program is extremely flexible and adapts seamlessly to the specific needs of your organization.


Support TreeSolution's mission by actively recommending us to your customers or using our marketing resources.

  • Great commission
  • Access to partner marketing kits
  • Budget for marketing initiatives


Become part of our reselling partner program and help your customers minimize cyber risks effectively and sustainably. Take benefit from exclusive training, support and resources to protect your customers even better and increase your sales. At the same time, you make a valuable contribution to improving online security and help create a sustainable digital world.

  • Free trainings for you and your teams
  • Support for your sales process through our team
  • Access to all materials

Your benefits

Expanding your range of products and services:

Partnering with TreeSolution can give you access to new products and services that you can resell to your customers or add to your portfolio to increase your revenue and competitiveness.

Strengthen your customer relationships:

By working with TreeSolution, you can provide additional value to your customers and increase their satisfaction, which could lead to greater customer loyalty.

Access to specialized expertise:

Partnering with TreeSolution can give you access to specialized expertise that you can use to expand your own knowledge and skills. This can help you make better decisions and find better solutions for your customers.

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