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Mission & Vision

Our vision

Our vision is to create the necessary awareness for information security in all companies. Because nowadays, it is no longer possible to rely solely on technology (e.g. firewalls, etc.). A sustainable security culture places a special emphasis on the employees of an organization.

They are the possible gateway which has to be closed for your organization to remain safe in the future.

Our mission

From our vision arises the will to permanently improve and update the security awareness in organizations. This is our contribution to a secure society and economy.

TreeSolution is your partner when you decide to intelligently improve your information security.

Owing to decades of experience and sound knowledge from scientific studies and practical insights, we continually develop our product range. This way your information security is strengthened at the most important point: your employees.

Corporate values

Freedom - We are independent! This gives us strength and determination in all our decisions. This is how we progress.
Honesty - Our communication is open and engaged, a crucial factor for your security.
Quality - We do our best - that makes us unique. Our enthusiasm shows in everything we do.
Partner - Trust is the basis. From this strength great things happen. Together we achieve our goals.
Responsibility - We recognise our responsibility. That makes us the ideal companion in the security process.

All our services are certified with the "swiss digital services" seal of approval, as they are 100% Swiss-made. Some products are at least 60% developed in Switzerland and therefore also carry the "swiss made software" label. You will find this seal on the corresponding products.

This symbol stands for high-quality and first-class Swiss ICT products and services. It is only awarded to products and services that have been carefully tested and meet values such as quality, innovation and precision in software development and independence, reliability, and integrity in services.


Dr. Thomas Schlienger
CEO and founder

Thomas Schlienger specialized in information security culture and awareness during his research.  The close exchange with the working group Information Security Culture of the ISSS (information security society Switzerland) and practical experience were always at the forefront of his activities.

This has enabled him to develop a scientifically sound and practical perspective on information security in companies, which has benefited numerous companies since 2005.

With the tool Security Awareness Radar®, individually designed e-learning offers for companies, security awareness campaigns and consulting services, TreeSolution as a partner for information security offers an all-round concept with sustainable success.

Get to know our people in charge

Pascal Kuster
Senior Consultant

Franziska De Rosa-Werder
Senior Consultant

Rico Bannow
International Sales Manager

Samira Arni
Lead Awareness & Kommunikation

Jan Friml
Head of Product

León Zenteno
Head of Platform

Caroline Ruprecht
Product Content Specialist

Verena Popp
Management Assistant

Jiří Lenk
Designer & E-learning Developer


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Social responsibility

TreeSolution goes Green!

Thanks to the partnership with Evertreen trees are planted on every continent, reducing CO2 emissions while alleviating poverty. That is why we have chosen this partnership.

The trees are planted directly by local farmers and bring environmental, social and economic benefits. Each tree is certified, can be visited or donated to third parties.

Via satellite surveillance it is possible to follow the trees' growth.

Security awareness and security culture must be firmly embedded in companies for them to gain a foothold. An organization should understand its security structure as a natural tree and imbue its corporate culture at all levels with an awareness of information security: from roots to trunks in every branch and every leaf.

Trees are planted for every new customer. Let's plant a TreeSolution forest together and increase security in your organization!


TreeSolution: Information security right up to the top

Organigrams are typical tools for mapping corporate structures. They are mostly graphs, in which responsibilities are shown in a company from top to bottom.

However, the first modern organization chart, designed in 1854 by McCallum, was designed as a tree from the bottom up. Responsibility for action was assigned to the branches and leaves, as they were closer to the information and thus to the action.

Similarly, security awareness and security culture in companies can only gain a solid base if they are firmly anchored at all levels. This works best when a company understands its security structure as a natural tree and imbues its corporate culture at all levels with an awareness of information security: from roots to trunks in every branch and every leaf.

Organizational diagram of the New York and Erie Railroad of 1855 (WikiCommons)


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Dr. Thomas Schlienger
CEO and founder

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