Learning with webinars

Interactive learning with webinars. Since face-to-face training is not always possible, webinars are gaining in popularity. Learn interactively instead of just listening. In a webinar it is possible for the participants to ask questions. If the webinar is recorded, the recording can also be viewed flexibly in terms of time.

We offer webinars on all topics from our e-learning catalog. We are also happy to conduct webinars tailored specifically to customer needs.

Choose your workplace or home-office over the in-classroom training. Webinars make this happening.


German, English, other languages on request.




About 45 minutes

Customizable to the company:

Yes. For example in colour, logo, font and terms. Charged according to labour and time.

Target group:

Suitable for all company sizes and employee segments. If you have fewer than 10 employees, we will be happy to provide you with a special offer. Also available as a train the trainer option.

Product included in the Security Awareness Club:

With discount.