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"We are the experts for information security awareness."

Our Values, Our Vision

Our driving passion: security awareness!

Our driving passion: security awareness!

TreeSolution is a partner for companies that want to intelligently improve their information security. Based on scientific work, years of experience and facts from each client enterprise, we develop measures that strengthen information security where it matters most: your employees. As a Swiss company with employees from Europe, we offer our service to small, medium and large companies all over the world.

Our Values, Our Vision
Corporate Values

Corporate Values

Freedom - We are independent! This gives us strength and determination in all our decisions. This is how we progress.

Honesty - Our communication is open and engaged, a crucial factor for your security.

Quality - We do our best - that makes us unique. Our enthusiasm shows in everything we do.

Partner - Trust is the basis. From this strength great things happen. Together we achieve our goals.

Responsibility - We recognise our responsibility. That makes us the ideal companion in the security process.

Holistic View

We were the first and are still the only company to offer a holistic approach to information security culture for businesses.


We were also the first and are still the only organisation with our methods of integrated measurement of corporate security culture.

Our vision

Our vision

Raised awareness of information security in all enterprises.

Out of this conviction comes our drive to make lasting improvements to security awareness.

This is our contribution to a secure society and economy.

Our vision is to create awareness for information security in all companies.
Dr. Thomas Schlienger, TreeSolution CEO and founder

Dr. Thomas Schlienger

CEO and founder

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