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Learning with bots – short, to the point and fast

Is there less time-consuming training method?
With chatbot training, you learn interactively, easily and quickly.

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Detecting and fending off phishing: A conversation with the chatbot in the chatbot training. Chat history on a cell phone

How does chatbot training work?

Chatbot training offers you a great way to make training content even more interactive than ordinary training programs. Additionally, every employee can learn at their own pace. The chatbot is the ideal companion and an intelligent addition to the other training measures.

At the beginning, we determine together the training topics for your organization. The technical aspects will be aligned with those. We provide you with the company access to control the administrative procedures.

Reporting and evaluation

With the tool you get a complete summary with the following content:

  • You will be able to see how often employees have sought advice from the chatbot.
  • You will gain insight about the questions that employees have asked.
  • And you provide proof of compliance at the same time.

Who is the training suitable for?

  • Businesses of all sizes
  • New employees being trained for the first time
  • Existing employees, as refresher training or to consolidate measures already in place


What are the reasons why chatbot training is worthwhile?

The little time your employees have is used optimally

The little time your employees have is used optimally

New and inviting training methods

New and inviting training methods

Learning methods that work—short, to the point and fast

Learning methods that work—short, to the point and fast

Consolidation of knowledge

Consolidation of knowledge

Die wenige Zeit Ihrer Mitarbeitenden wird optimal genutzt

Neue und einladende Art der Schulung

Funktionierende Lernmethoden – interaktiv, einfach und schnell

Festigung des Wissens

Solutions: quick access


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