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"Security awareness and security culture can only be pervasive if they are firmly anchored at all levels."

Chatbot Training Service

Campaigns to strengthen information security

Learning with  chatbots  – short, to the point and flexible timing

We offer a new unique  chatbot  service:  Receive   micro-learning units for all our subjects  via  short chats on your mobile phone or desktop computer.

Learn in short chats the basics of  our subjects such as  phishing and how you can protect yourself. 

Take off thanks to the right security awareness

How does  chatbot training work

Together we specify which subjects you would like to offer as short training sessions via chat. Then you register your company with the platform.

The employees, who are to receive the chat training, register individually as well or will get integrated into the company profile using a list. In a next step, you select, using your company account, when  which  chat is to be  sent. 

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Anchoring information security in corporate culture with campaigns
Standard Courses

Reporting and evaluation

Once sent the response rate can be reviewed. Quizzes allow an analysis of the responses. 

Customized Courses

Who benefits from  chatbot training

Chat training is suitable for employees as refresher or as initial training session,  as a subject introduction.  

Why is Chatbot training worthwhile

Chatbot training  offers  a completely new way of learning.
Most employees do not have much time.
Micro-learning units can easily be done during a break or while waiting for a bus.
They are interactive, easy to use and quick to complete. 
This is a micro learning solution, reinforcing knowledge and bringing new topics to people within a few minutes. It is a great addition to our learning tool suit. Last but not least, no new app is needed as the Learnbot integrates into existing channels (be it SMS/Web or Teams).

Multinational Swiss insurance group

Service information

Jan Friml, Lead E-Learning Development

Use  chatbots  to refresh security subjects in small learning units or to familiarize yourself with the subject - at a desired time, flexible on your mobile phone or desktop computer. 

Technical :

  • Language: German, English, French, Italian 
  • Duration: 1-2 minutes per chat
  • Format: Chat-based training on your mobile phone or computer  (SMS/Web,  Slack  or Microsoft Teams). 
  • Customizable to the company: Yes 

Learning goals:

  • Refresh your knowledge to existing subjects in information security, cyber security, data protection and physical security. 
  • Learn about a specific security subject 
  • Fast and effective implementation

Learning content:

For each subject we send several short interactive chats, which could for example be delivered daily at the same time.  

Target group:

All employees in your company who you can reach through one of the above-mentioned channels. 

Price request:

As member of our Awareness Club you benefit from a discount for this service. The price depends on the number of employees receiving a chat as well as the number of selected subjects. We are happy to prepare a quote for you.  

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Dr. Thomas Schlienger, TreeSolution CEO and founder

Samira Arni

Lead Awareness & Communication

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