Cyber security as the basis for information security

Is information security in your company on a secure footing?

Information security is anchored in your employees. For all its principles to be implemented at any time, information security needs a good foundation.

IT security and management processes as a basis for information security

IT security and management processes are the foundation of information security. They give your employees the right tools to implement all the principles of information security. Sensitivity and awareness in the company are drivers for each person to use these tools properly.

We also support you with security audits. We carry these audits out according to the international standard ISO/IEC 27001 and the baseline IT security catalogue of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Based on the security audits, you can use our help to reduce security risks and even close gaps in some cases. Whatever your choice, you will be well positioned for implementing best practice standards.


Network-Box is a hardware component with a managed security service:

Real-time protection through automatic push updates

Real-time monitoring in the Security Operation Centre

IT security support and consulting

Virus detection

Filtering of unwanted content

All these aspects of Network-Box not only make IT security easier, but also make information security easier.

Information security through TreeSolution

Based on your IT security and management processes - for example through Network-Box or Security Audits - you can use all the offers from TreeSolution to strengthen your information security.

From TWISK® Security Awareness Radar to strategy development to campaigns and e-learning: If your IT is secure, we work with you to develop concepts for the security of your information.

Lorenzo Andretta
Director Cyber Security

Whether you have already perfected your IT security or want to reinforce both, IT and information security at the same time:

We are the right partner.

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