How to bring about lasting behavioural changes in your company

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Why there are still vulnerabilities in your company despite your painstaking IT security measures
The responsibility of employees and management in anchoring a sustainable security culture
Why the fundamentals of security-conscious behaviour should penetrate all levels of the company
Which strategy guarantees simple, fast and measurable success

Does information security awareness in your company extend from the roots right up to the top?

According to statistics, cyberattacks and serious violations of data protection are steadily increasing.


Lack of time

Many companies simply do not have the time to properly address this important topic. As a result, measures are only occasionally implemented, usually when the pressure is highest.
However, these measures are applied without any change in behavioural goals and thus always miss the key factor of successful information security - the employee!

Lack of support

In forward-looking companies, functioning data protection is a true indication of quality. Guaranteeing this quality also requires the support of the management. Experience shows that managers are increasingly taking themselves out of the equation, on the grounds that this topic only concerns employees. There is no role model for employees, let alone an overall thrust that should run as a common theme through all activities.

Lack of partner

If you are a CIO, CISO, or security officer tilting at these windmills daily, you know the frustration that comes with this unnecessary tug-of-war. And making a new start is anything but easy. On the other hand, it becomes much easier if you have a reliable and experienced partner, because: the best way to more IT and information security is easier than you think.
Even if only one of these problems is affecting you, you should act today.

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Dr. Thomas Schlienger

CEO and founder

Authentic, inspiring and competent: as one of the first researchers worldwide, Thomas Schlienger succeeded in 2002 in proving and firmly anchoring the crucial human component in information security.

Today TreeSolution Consulting GmbH uses this longstanding knowhow to holistically support companies that want to intelligently improve their information security. Based on scientific work, years of experience and specific facts from the company concerned, measures are developed to strengthen information security at the most important point: the employees.

As a Swiss company, with employees from all over Europe, TreeSolution offers effective all-round service for small, medium and large companies from all over the world.

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Your Major Benefits

15 years of experience in security awareness for small, medium and large enterprises
Our worldwide unique focus on a holistic view of information security culture
On request, highly specific solutions tailored exactly to your requirements
Wide range of easy-to-use, proven solutions
Scientific, state-of-the-art approach based on real understanding of human behaviour
Long-term anchoring of information security in the corporate culture

Here is what enthusiastic customers say:

Thanks to TreeSolution, we have not only achieved but even exceeded our goals for advancing information security culture.
Stefan Burau
Helsana Versicherungen AG
TreeSolution has made a great contribution to sustainably increasing the efficiency of our training campaigns.
Franziska De Rosa
Security Officer,
Swisscom AG
Success Story (PDF)
The Security Awareness Radar® Checkup survey provided us with insights that help us better plan future investments and campaigns. The cooperation with TreeSolution gave us security- relevant input, which we were able to implement immediately.
Daniel Graf
Federal IT Management Group
Success Story (PDF)
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