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Achieving a security-conscious corporate culture with less effort

As a first step, reduce your cyber attack risk by up to 30% by strengthening the human security factor.

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More than 260 customers have already successfully implemented the solutions provided by TreeSolution.

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Successful Security Awareness with little effort

A sustainable security culture forms the basis for long-term corporate growth.

If strategy and action planning are aligned with your corporate culture, awareness will rise with your employees also. This is how you protect your information and thus your company from attackers.

Our approach

Do you know what the security culture is like in your company?

You will gain the necessary clarity by conducting a measurement. This will help you prioritize measures and improve them in the long term.
Our measurement tools make it possible to identify the weak points in your security culture. You will benefit from:

  • Recommendations for action that are tailored to you. They will help you to address the right issues right away.
  • an evaluation of the cost, benefit and success factors. This will allow you to plan better.
Informationssicherheit: Geschäftsmann zeigt auf einen Punkt in einer Grafik; Fokus auf Daten und Statistiken zur Security Awareness.

Which path leads your company to more information security?

In order to increase information security in your company, all the measures developed must be adequately planned and implemented. This gives you more security and clarity for all employees. Only shortly after the plans are implemented you can achieve positive results.

  • Define your campaign goal to plan the measures and content accordingly
  • Get clarity on spending and resources for your security culture
  • Get tools to define a clear strategy and develop a roadmap for training initiatives
"Cyber Security: Hand dreht Regler mit Schildsymbol und verriegeltem Schloss zur Optimierung auf 'max'.

Is information security comprehensively embedded in your company?

For comprehensive information security, all areas must work together. If you don't look at the system as the big picture and optimize it, it won't be balanced either. For example, measures do not work because a piece is missing or there are weak points.

  • Raising awareness: Various media raise awareness among employees
  • Trainings: Posters, brochures, emails and other media are used to communicate a topic to employees and thereby provide training. E-learning offers a deeper understanding of this.
  • Embedding: Through a constant presence on a wide range of channels, security gets sustainably embedded in the minds and actions of your employees.

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Why TreeSolution is the right partner for you?

We accompany you with decades of experience, profound knowledge and practical insights. With a measurement of your security culture, you'll know exactly how to tackle the issues.

You will receive training and awareness-raising measures tailored to your company's needs as well as our support during implementation.


Implemented customer projects

1.2 M


30 %

Reduction of the human risk factor

All our services are certified with the "swiss digital services" seal of approval, as they are 100% Swiss-made. Some products are at least 60% developed in Switzerland and therefore also carry the "swiss made software" label. You will find this seal on the corresponding products.

This symbol stands for high-quality and first-class Swiss ICT products and services. It is only awarded to products and services that have been carefully tested and meet values such as quality, innovation and precision in software development and independence, reliability, and integrity in services.


What makes TreeSolution special?

With an experienced and competent partner at your side, you have the opportunity to meet all challenges. From us you will receive close support, advice and exchange and benefit from our know-how.

Gain full control of your current corporate security and the impact on your business. At the same time, you will exceed all compliance requirements.

Without TreeSolution

  • Unclear security awareness measures
  • One-sided learning opportunities
  • High time consumption
  • Independent and one-sided further training
  • Individual learning types are not targeted specifically
  • No accurate metrics to optimize your security awareness

With TreeSolution

  • Detailed measurements for real behavior change
  • Gamified and fun learning opportunities
  • Less time and labor due to efficient learning
  • Achieve your goals more efficiently because all measures are adapted to the different learning types.
  • Take advantage of our training offers at any place and at any time
  • A holistic and strategic approach

Customer feedback

Thanks to TreeSolution, we have exceeded our goals for developing an information security culture in our company.

Stefan Burau
CISO, Helsana Versicherungen AG

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