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Security Awareness Club: Your Subscription for Security Awareness and Security Culture

TSC Security Awareness Club

Improve the security awareness and information security of your employees with our Security Awareness Club subscription, flexibly, as needed, and independently.

You decide for yourself when you want to use which material from the Awareness Club for your training courses and campaigns. Get access to all our products, materials, documents, and topics, including the measurement of information security and awareness with the Security Awareness Radar, e-learning, posters, leaflets, tips and tricks, and much more. We support you and your employees in raising awareness and training in information security.

Membership is suitable for companies of all sizes.


Become a member of the TreeSolution Security Awareness Club and benefit from numerous perks and benefits.

During your club membership, you will not only have access to all products listed here, but also to all updates and, in the case of Gold and V.I.P., to all new developments.


  • 6 E-Learning modules (without Compliance and gamified modules)
  • 6 Informationsheets
  • 6 Animation films
  • 6 Management Toolkits
  • 6 Quizzes
  • 6 Golden Rules
  • Supporting communication material
  • Bonus: we plan and configure the first campaign for you

Most Popular


  • 20 E-Learnings (all topics)
  • 20 Informationsheets
  • 20 Animation films
  • 20 Management Toolkits
  • 20 Quizzes
  • 12 Golden Rules
  • 6 Superhero Tips with Poster, Sticker and Wallpaper
  • Awareness Radar® (SAR) Online Edition
  • Supporting communication material
  • Bonus I: we plan and configure up to three campaigns per year for you
  • Bonus II: LMS at your free disposal
  • Bonus II: incl. new developments


  • All E-Learnings (all topics)
  • All Informationsheets
  • All Animation films
  • All Management Toolkits
  • All Quizzes
  • All Golden Rules
  • All Superhero Tips with Poster, Sticker and Wallpaper
  • Awareness Radar® (SAR) and evaluation
  • Implementation consulting: detailed campaign planning, stakeholder dialogue, customised communication materials, tracking of key KPIs
  • Supporting communication material
  • Bonus I: we plan and configure up to three campaigns per year for you
  • Bonus II: LMS at your free disposal
  • Bonus III: incl. instant access to new developments


Implementation consulting: We support you in determining the ideal approach and in regular implementation discussions. This package is already included in the V.I.P. Club.

Design package: Adaptation of the materials to your corporate design (fonts, colors, and symbols).

Content package: Adapt the content of the materials to your specifications and processes.

Security Awareness Radar Package: We support you in evaluating the measurement with the Awareness Radar®. This package is not available in the "Silver" Club. This package is already included in the V.I.P. Club.

Hosting package: Hosting of the e-learning modules in the TreeSolution Learning Center, with or without customization to your corporate design, single sign-on connection.

Language pack: select the languages you need. All our materials are available in German, English, French, Italian and Malay. Other languages are available on request.

Educate with e-learning

Thanks to your club membership you have access to all available e-learning modules. So you can train exactly the topics that need to be trained.

There are more than 16 different topic modules available with a learning duration of 8-20 minutes. These cover the areas of information security, cybersecurity and physical security, and compliance. In addition, some topics are available as gamified e-learnings.

Read all about our e-learning courses here.

Additional options, billing based on work required:

  • Customization to your corporate design (fonts, colors, images, symbols)
  • Adaptation of content (specific terms, formulations, etc.)

Security culture measurement

Very few companies know about their objective security awareness and security culture. On one hand, the view from the leadership level is often obstructed for all departments. On the other hand, for a clear picture of information security in your company many different factors must be measured and assessed - this is almost impossible to do spontaneously or manually. The Security Awareness Radar® (SAR) addresses this issue and helps companies to measure the security culture and to make the behaviour of their employees sustainably safer.

Read all about the Security Awareness Radar® here.

Golden Rules campaign material

With the 'Golden Rules' campaign, you can carry out an awareness and training campaign based on micro-learning. Each tip takes only a few minutes and includes

  • A cartoon with the main message
  • Explanation of the risks, to show the importance of the tip in private and business life
  • More detailed recommendations for action
  • Statistics and cases to make the topic more relevant in practice

The tips are available in the following media:

  • E-mail (with reduced content for minimum effort)
  • Intranet (with complete content)
  • Poster (only cartoon with link to intranet)
  • PDF booklet (all tips with cartoon and the most important information)

Read more about our Dos & Don'ts campaigns here.

Refresher material

Additional campaign material to refresh and remind employees of this issue.

Your Major Benefits

Access to all training materials
Information and documents on all security-relevant topics
Material that can be used flexibly at any time
Targeted training on specific topics if necessary
Different media for different types of learners
Always the newest and most up-to-date material
Measure and improve security culture
TreeSolution has strongly increased the efficiency and sustainability of our training and awareness campaigns.

Franziska De Rosa

Security Officer, Swisscom AG
View the Success Story (PDF)
Dr. Thomas Schlienger, TreeSolution CEO and founder

Dr. Thomas Schlienger

CEO and founder

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