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Security Awareness Radar®: Measure Information Security

Security Awareness Radar®: Measure Information Security

Can you make an objective assessment of the state of security awareness and security culture in your company?

Very few companies can answer "yes" to this question. On one hand, the view from the leadership level is often obstructed for all departments. On the other hand, for a clear picture of information security in your company many different factors must be measured and assessed - this is almost impossible to do spontaneously or manually. The Security Awareness Radar® addresses this issue and helps companies to measure the security culture and to make the behaviour of their employees sustainably safer.

What is the Security Awareness Radar®?

What is the Security Awareness Radar®?

A software-assisted analysis and planning tool that enables organizations to accurately and precisely measure security awareness and security culture on a regular basis, as well as pinpoint improvement opportunities.

To do this, we examine the ABC of your information security: Awareness, Behaviour, Culture. Strengths and weaknesses in the areas of awareness, behaviour and culture are presented clearly and can be tracked by the company over long periods of time.

This enables you to identify gaps, implement the best remedial measures and measure the success of all campaigns.

How do security awareness measurements help you to increase information security in your company?

The Security Awareness Radar® works cyclically. This concept is designed into our software tool, with which you can measure and monitor information security. The cyclical aspect of the Security Awareness Radar® means that you can make continuous improvements. With this approach you can take the management of your corporate culture to the next level.

You can use the Security Awareness Radar® in recurring cycles that will take you closer to each goal with each iteration:

The measurement results show clearly and concisely how information security aspects are handled in the company.

Reports can be generated in an uncomplicated and effective way on the results of individual measures or entire campaigns.

The reports present successes and facilitate improvements through the intuitive and understandable presentation of needs and potential.

The Security Awareness Radar® 's clear user interface allows you to create, evaluate or plan new measurements as required.

Long-term results can be tracked automatically so that you can see the effectiveness of measures in the specific environment.

The reports are suitable for success control, presentations and fact-based planning for continuous improvement.

Greater possibilities with the Security Awareness Radar®

Measuring security awareness offers greater possibilities

Measuring security awareness is a base that we can build on together. You can work independently with the Security Awareness Radar®, identify weak points, prioritize them through different measures, and carry out the measurement.

Would you like a more comprehensive solution?

We are also happy to support you through our experience in planning, analysis and implementation and to plan measures together with you that are tailored to the needs of your organisation.

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The possibilities with the Security Awareness Radar®

Your Major Benefits

Detailed assessment of your situation
Compare your results with benchmarks
ldentification of strengths and weaknesses
Effective measures
Extensive selection of validated questions
Efficient action planning
Economical, clear and easy
The Security Awareness Radar® check-up survey provided us with insights that helped us better plan future investments and campaigns. The collaboration with TreeSolution gave us security-relevant input, which we were able to implement immediately.

Daniel Graf

Federal IT Governing Body, ISB
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Dr. Thomas Schlienger, TreeSolution CEO and founder

Dr. Thomas Schlienger

CEO and founder

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