Campaigns in your company

Is security awareness anchored in the culture of your business?

With a high level of security awareness in a company, in-depth knowledge and above all awareness of security aspects flow into every employee's decision. We accomplish this for companies through campaigns that anchor security awareness in the culture of the company.

Our campaigns strengthen the awareness of information security in your company. We rely on multimedia representation to reach our employees directly at the workplace.

How do campaigns work in your company?

Security awareness campaigns are aimed at truly anchoring information security awareness in the company's culture. This means that every employee automatically considers security aspects in every decision and action in the company.

To achieve this, information security must become an everyday topic that frequently attracts attention. We support you with campaigns that are tailored to your company. The information prepared for your industry, your company size and your specific requirements is presented comprehensively in the company. This can be done online (on the intranet or the Internet), with events at your company or through printed media.

How do campaigns improve your security and compliance?

Campaigns for more information security ensure that awareness of security issues is not a one-time lesson for your employees, but an everyday matter of course. Through posters, brochures, stickers and comics that generate interest, you physically distribute the information security ABC in the company.

Because you communicate your message through multiple channels, it is omnipresent - and is thus built into the corporate culture in a steady and secure manner. In the long term, security awareness becomes a factor in every employee's decision.

Surveys form the basis for information security - flexibly via desktop, tablets or smartphones.
Posters with tips directly at the workplace strengthen the security awareness of employees.
With (residue-free) stickers on devices, we simply and effectively remind of relevant security measures.
Animations in gifs or short films bring important lessons to the point in an entertaining way.
Explanation videos inform your employees in an entertaining way about their contribution to information security.

More than individual projects for security awareness

Campaigns support the sustainable anchoring of information security in the corporate culture. Because you work with it in several channels, you can reach a particularly large number of employees. Deeper knowledge is possible through our
e-learning offers, each one developing a specific topic.

Due to their high visibility and presence, these campaigns demonstrate the importance of the topic in the company in an easily accessible way. Experience has shown that they provide a tremendous boost in motivation for employees, as well as strengthening the social sense of belonging to the rest of the team and company.

We are happy to advise you on developing a solution that will anchor safety and compliance in even better in your company.

Samira Arni
Lead Awareness & Communication

Information security campaigns for your company

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