30th November 2022

"Foul Play!" information security as an audio book.

Phishing training: complementary audio books. The picture shows a studio microphone.

The perfect addition to your phishing training courses. As a listener, find out what it’s like to be a hacker.

The audio book "Foul Play!" offers an entertaining view of the anatomy of a phishing attack. Listeners get a look behind the scenes from the perspective of the attacker. The attack is finally discovered in time by the IT department and a large-scale infection is prevented.

>> Listen to the audio clip now (in German only) <<

The audio book of approx. 20 minutes is ideal for integration into a security awareness campaign, for example, in the intranet or an app. A quiz on the content can also be a great addition. The audio book can support other content on phishing (e.g., e-learning, intranet texts, etc.), thus boosting understanding of attacks. By knowing the enemy and the enemy’s approach, you can protect yourself better and recognize the risk more easily.

The audio book is particularly suitable for employees with little or no IT background. As one listener put it, "I finally understood how it actually works."

Experience has shown that good download numbers can be achieved with active advertising.

The audio book is currently only available in German. Other languages on request.

Would you like an innovative way for your employees to learn about "phishing" by using this hacking story?

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