How to change security behaviour

21st April 2016

The Capability Maturity Model of Awareness

The stages of evolution of awareness measure

Good training is just one step on the way to good security culture. The Capability Maturity Model (CMM) is an effective guide to the different stages of evolution of awareness measures. How about you – How far have you got with CMM?

Capability maturity model of security culture

Measurement is essential. That has been our belief from the outset. The TreeSolution Security Awareness Radar® method is an ideal support for you as you move towards an optimal security culture.

The ultimate goals here are:

  • The development of a robust measurement framework to show the development and effect of your awareness actions.
  • The long-term and continuous development of those actions.
  • Embedding the actions in the culture of the enterprise.

Further information about the steps of the Security Awareness Radar® method can be found on our website.

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