13th September 2018

Communication with Top Management

Multiple hands and notes from a group in a meeting.

How to communicate security concerns to top management?

Gartner and McKinsey have come up with guidelines to communicate security concerns to top management. For better understanding, communication should link business goals to the values, importance, and status of security activities.

Gartner recommends using the following criteria to make a presentation:

  • Simple and clear wording in the form of storytelling without technical terms.
  • Clear links to business goals.
  • Identification of the biggest and most probable risks.
  • Clear and understandable links between risks and strategic goals.
  • Finishing the presentation with a question and showing the next steps.

McKinsey sees regular and direct communication with top management as essential to fostering trust and collaboration between levels. This is a basis for a resilient and long-term cybersecurity strategy.

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