22nd December 2021

What are the differences between information security, information security culture and security awareness?

Information security, information security culture and security awareness: differences. Several signposts point in different directions.

Perhaps you have already asked yourself what information security, security awareness and information security culture are and how they differ? We shed some light on this and explain what these topics are about, how they differ and what contribution we can make to support you in their implementation.

What is information security?

Information security is about the protection of all types of information and data of organizations and individuals. This includes physical and electronic data and the spoken word. IT security is part of information security and focuses on the protection of electronic data and systems. Information security and data protection are intended to ensure that IT systems, networks, cloud services, computers, mobile data carriers, data centers, people, buildings, and physical storage systems are protected from cyber and physical attacks, dangers, threats, and data loss. Technical, organizational, and personal measures aim to increase protection and avoid the risk of economic and reputational damage. The confidentiality, availability and integrity of information should be ensured and guaranteed by information security.

What is security awareness?

Security Awareness: A person looks out of the window of a high-rise building.

Security awareness is the knowledge and attitude of employees with regard to the protection of information within an organization. In addition to technical measures, the human factor is one of the most important components of protection. Organizational and personal protective measures can be achieved through education, training, communication, awareness campaigns, guidelines, and specifications.

What is information security culture?

Information security culture is a component of organizational culture and determines the perception, thinking, feeling and thus ultimately the behavior relating to information security. It is therefore part of the informal structure of an organization and is mainly influenced and ideally even developed by the management of the organization. In a security-conscious organizational culture, information security is deeply anchored in the minds and processes of the organization and automatically becomes part of daily life.

Security Awareness Training: Several people discuss content displayed on a laptop.

What is the advantage of security awareness training?

Security awareness training sensitizes and trains employees on the dangers in the workplace relating to information, IT and cybersecurity, data protection, and physical security. The weakest point in the security of organizations and data is people. It is therefore important to train and empower employees to help protect the company or government agency through their actions. Use security awareness to reduce the risk of an attack! Security awareness training teaches your employees about possible dangers in everyday work and how to apply protective measures.

What does TreeSolution Security Awareness AG have to do with these topics?

We support companies in training their employees efficiently and effectively on the various topics of information security. Thanks to our many years of scientific and practical experience, we can successfully accompany and support companies in training their employees as their "human firewall".

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