21st June 2021

The latest trends in digital learning

Preview image Trend study mmb Learning Delphi.

Trend study mmb Learning Delphi 2020/2021

The mmb Institute carried out its “mmb Learning Delphi” trend study for the 15th time in winter 2020/2021. 61 e-learning experts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland were interviewed. In this survey, the effect of the current Corona situation was clear, as many people were forced to work from the home office and receive further training. The aim of the survey was to determine the digital learning trends for the next three years. Where can the greatest business successes be expected? Which topics and contents specifically will feature in training? What will the target groups of e-learning providers look like in the future? Which AI technologies will have an influence on learning in the future? How should learning content be provided?

The Corona situation has had an impact on the ranking. Blended learning (from place 3 to place 1) and virtual classrooms / webinars (up 18 %) are now at the top. Videos and explanatory films (down 4 %) and micro learnings / learning nuggets (down 5 %) have slipped down to positions 3 and 4. Web-based training (WBTs) and chatbots are also in lower positions compared to 2019/2020.

The greatest commercial success is in learning with mobile applications / apps. This is closely followed by virtual classrooms / webinars and blended learning. Micro-learning / learning nuggets and videos / explanatory films and WBTs will continue to be seen as successful training methods.

The training of employees via digital learning aids and platforms is no longer dominated by large companies. In the past year, for example, an increasing number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) started digital learning.

Read the whole study (in German) on the mmb Institute website.

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