19th December 2018

Network-Box's Managed Security Services

Protection against cyber security threats: A Sea of Open Screens.

Monitor, manage and mitigate cyber threats

Network-Box’s Managed Security Services, monitors, manages and mitigates cyber threats from your network 24x7x365, alleviating your security risk, and allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

It looks lika product - but it’s actually a service
Cyber attacks are on-going, and to stay protected against these threats requires a dedicated team of security engineers to continuously monitor and protect your network, which most businesses do not have the time, nor the resources, to implement effectively.

As part of Network-Box’s Managed Security Services, highly trained Network-Box security engineers perform the never ending, yet vital, management of your cyber security, ensuring that you are protected against cyber threats 24x7x365.

Managed service vs. self-managed product" comparison chart.
Picture: Managed Service vs Self-Managed Product Comparison Table:
Network-Box Managed Security Services provide much more than Self-Managed Products.

Would you like to know more about Network-Box’ services? Contact us or have a look at the Network Box website.

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