21st April 2016

TWISK Security Awareness Radar® v3.0

Security awareness is represented by a radar image.

The new TWISK Security Awareness Radar® is now available.

The new TWISK Security Awareness Radar® is now available. It has a completely new user interface, thoroughly revised filter and report configurations, and a new highlight: a configurable PowerPoint management report for which the PowerPoint template of your company can be used. Reporting could not be any simpler.

Security Awareness Radar: Screenshot showing the appearance and functions.

TWISK Security Awareness Radar® helps to measure the security culture in your company and implement suitable awareness actions at corporate, group and individual levels. It reviews strengths and weaknesses, and can be used after the implementation of awareness measures, as well as before.

For more information about TWISK Security Awareness Radar® and what it offers you, please visit our website.

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