26th June 2018

Updating of the TWISK Security Awareness Radar®

Radar with binary code

TWISK Security Awareness Radar®

We have updated the reports of our Awareness Tool TWISK Security Awareness Radar®. Not only are the new reports user-friendlier and clearer-cut than previous ones, they also provide additional valuable information and in-depth insights into your company's security culture.

TWISK Security Awareness Radar: Comparative analysis after revision.

In addition, the measures that are recommended after a security awareness assessment now refer to the corresponding section in ISO 27001. This makes it easier for all customers working to follow the ISO 27001 standard to integrate it into their management system.

TWISK Security Awareness Radar® helps you to measure the security culture in your company and to implement appropriate awareness measures at company, group and person level. It assesses strong and weak areas and can be used both before and after the implementation of awareness measures.

More information about TWISK Security Awareness Radar® and what it offers you can be found on our website.

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