23rd January 2024

Care4Aware Award 2024 - Apply Now

Care4Aware Award Logo

The award for security awareness campaigns

After two years, it is time again: the Care4Aware Award, initiated by Michael Helisch, is going into the next round. In the spring of 2024, a jury of experts will select the best security branding, the best security awareness campaign and the best security awareness program.

The goal of the Care4Aware Award is to promote the perception and image of information security and employee awareness, and to enable companies and organizations to be rewarded for their work and efforts.

Take part and win the Care4Aware Awareness Award. There are three categories:

  1. Promote: Best security branding (combination of campaign elements - logo, key visuals, claim, naming, etc.).
    Focus: Visual and verbal implementation of the awareness campaign.
  2. Perform: Best (short term) security awareness campaign.
    Focus: Implementation of an awareness campaign through training and communication activities in relation to a defined goal.

  3. Change: Best (mid- to long-term) security awareness program.
    Focus: How was it possible to integrate the internal framework into the awareness program as part of a multi-year program and thus initiate a verifiable process of behavioral change?

The deadline for entries is 25.02.2024. More information about the categories and registration can be found on the Care4Aware-Webseite. The award ceremony will take place on 22.05.2024 in Munich as part of the largest European security awareness conference "Take Aware 2024".

We are aware that participation requires a certain amount of effort. However, we encourage you to apply for the award and use the opportunity for internal communication. This will show your employees that the topic is relevant and internationally recognized.  If you win the award, you can communicate this not only to your employees, but also to your management and your customers. You will show that your work is appreciated by an international jury of experts. And your customers will see that security is important to you, that you invest in security, and that they can trust your company.

If you implement your awareness campaigns according to our suggested structure (Sensitize, Train, Embed), you already have a good basis for participation. If you then measure the actions and the security culture, e.g. with the Security Awareness Radar®, this also provides good KPIs for campaign tracking, which can be particularly helpful for the "Change" category.

We wish you every success with your participation and look forward to receiving your feedback!

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