26th October 2022

Information security and environmental protection? Can they go together?

Information security: partnership with Everteen. Both TreeSolution and Everteen logos are pictured.

Yes, they can! You turn your employees into information security champions and we therefore plant trees.

For some time now we have a partnership with Evertreen through which trees are planted on all continents.

425 trees planted in the beginning of 2022

The trees help to offset CO2 and alleviate poverty.

The Evertreen trees are planted directly by local farmers and bring environmental, social and economic benefits.

Each tree is certified, can be physically visited or even virtually donated to third parties.

Via satellite monitoring, it is possible to follow the growth of the trees, among other things.

Here you can view the dashboard. Among other things, you can see where and how many trees we have already planted, and how much CO2 they have absorbed.

We have chosen this partnership because we see parallels to trees in our work.

63'750 kg CO2 absorbed in the beginning of 2022

Security awareness and security culture in companies can only gain a solid base if they are firmly anchored at all levels.

This works best when a company understands its security structure as a natural tree and imbues its corporate culture at all levels with an awareness of information security: from roots to trunks in every branch and every leaf.

From now on, we will plant trees for every new client and pass on the certificates we receive to them. Likewise, we will plant trees for all existing customers.

Make an appointment now with one of our experts for a free consultation. Whether you are an existing or a new client. We can guide you on how to optimally strengthen the security culture in your company and bring it to the next level.

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Let's plant a TreeSolution forest together and increase security in your company!

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