17th June 2020

14th trend study “mmb Learning Delphi 2019/2020”

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The latest trends in digital learning

Every year the mmb institute interviews experts from the field of e-learning and digital learning about the current trends in digital learning.

The following questions were asked:

  • Which trends will determine digital learning?
  • What do these developments mean for the e-learning industry?
  • Which topics and contents will become or will remain important?
  • The study also gives an outlook on how future learning successes will be examined in corporate learning.

We have put together a brief extract of the important findings from the survey that relate to in-company training and further education in companies.

Communication tools such as Slack, Teams etc. are becoming more important for the exchange and learning culture within a company.

According to forecasts, the majority will receive training via “videos and explanatory videos”, “learning nuggets” and “blended learning”. In addition, web-based training, virtual classrooms, and webinars are becoming increasingly important. A foretaste of this was already evident during the past corona lockdown. Learning with mobile applications and micro learning/learning nuggets will also become more important again. An example of this is learning with chatbots.

Data protection and the security of company information continue to be particularly important training topics. Compliance issues, IT applications and IT business processes as well as occupational safety continue to be important issues.

Companies also attach importance to paying for e-learning support rather than buying ready-made e-learning. This means that companies prefer e-learning that is adapted to their needs and their CI. Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) will also be increasingly used in the future, as these integrate content better and in a more user-oriented way.

We are following this trend with our portfolio of e-learning, chatbot training, and other educational methods. In addition, our offer can be obtained individually or through our Security Awareness Club, which offers ready-to-use training and awareness content at favorable conditions and individualization and support for an additional charge.

mmb Institute (2020): Results of the 14th trend study "mmb Learning Delphi" - mmb trend monitor 2019/2020. Pages 2-6, 10).

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