23rd May 2019

TreeSolution appears in new splendour

Security Awareness Experte TreeSolution: Logo Update.

New design and new logo!

Over the last few months, we have been working hard on a new logo and rebranding our company. After 14 years, it was time for our visual identity to evolve.

What is the idea behind the new logo?

Like a tree, our company has developed and grown in recent years. It was time for a fresher, more modern, and more conceptual logo. Yet it was important to us that the logo still made the elements of the tree and the leaves recognizable.

The first modern organization chart was designed as a tree from the bottom up. Responsibility for action was assigned to the branches and leaves, i.e. the employees, as they were closer to the information and thus to the action. This reflects our view of security awareness and security culture. These two things can only properly permeate companies if they are firmly anchored at all levels.This works best when a company understands its security structure as a natural tree and infuses corporate culture at all levels with information security awareness: from roots to trunks in every branch and every leaf.

On one hand, the logo embodies three leaves that stand for the tree. On the other hand, the three leaves also stand for Awareness, Behaviour, and Culture: the three domains that form the basis of our work.

Security awareness expert TreeSolution presents new logo.

The rebranding

The most important part of our rebranding was a new website. The goal was to be not only visually appealing but also clearer and more informative. After a beta version, which we launched at the beginning of the year, we are now looking forward to our definitive new appearance.

Likewise, we have updated our brochures and information sheets. In the next step, our e-learning and our campaign materials will be adapted to the new look and their effectiveness optimized. Our goal is to complete the move to the new look by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, our service and the company remain the same, but the new design and our new logo symbolize our energy and our corporate philosophy even more clearly.

We hope you enjoy our new appearance as well, and we appreciate your feedback and continued cooperation.

Your TreeSolution team

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