21st April 2016

Anniversary: 10 years TreeSolution

Old TreeSolution Logo - Expert for Security Awareness.

Many Thanks to Our Customers and Business Partners!

In December 2005, TreeSolution Consulting GmbH started its operations with the aim of raising security awareness within companies to a new level of quality.

Since then, the TreeSolution method has given our customers the ability to make an accurate and, above all, holistic measure of their situation and accurately plan the opportunities for improvement of their security culture.

The fact that we were right to choose this strategic direction has been proven by the successes of our numerous customers of various sizes and in different sectors. We have accompanied many of them for years now - and in some companies, we have set new standards with respect to security awareness and training.

A big thank you goes to our customers and business partners, motivating us daily to do our best. Thank you for your trust!

Dr. Thomas Schlienger  
CEO TreeSolution

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