19th December 2018

A guest at the SIGS Special Event on 5th December 2018

Audience at a lecture, photographed from behind.

On the subject of 'masuring security awareness'

On December 5th in Zurich, Dr.Thomas Schlienger presented the topic of measuring security awareness at the SIGS (Security Interest Group Switzerland) Special Event Series. The event focused on improving password security through analytics and quality assurance.

The use of safer passwords can be accomplished through training. This is an important part of the awareness programs that TreeSolution GmbH offers for and with companies. Key elements in raising staff awareness are the continual analysis and production of progress reports to determine the measurement and impact of the measures. The presentation also covered the industry's most recent recommendation, the new NIST Digital Identity Guideline (SP 800-63). This guideline advocates a departure from the previous rules for making passwords (use of upper-and-lower case letters, numbers, and special characters) and recommends passwords that are longer but easier to remember. This recommendation led to a very lively discussion.

The lecture met with great interest from the audience. On request, we will be happy to advise you personally on the subject. Please contact us.

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