27th June 2019

New Service Tester Wanted

Security Awareness E-Learning Courses. Preview image: ChatBot typing on a computer

Short Refresher Training with ChatBots

We have developed a new offering together with Eggheads AG from Zurich. It is based on Chat-Bots, which play through short refresher courses on various topics with your employees. The chats can currently be carried out via SMS on the mobile phone or via webforms. Further channels are already being planned.The time required per chat is at most one minute.

The short refresher units are particularly suitable for customers who have already carried out training, e-learning or a campaign on one of our topics.

As a prototype, we have developed a learning Chat-Bot about phishing. We provide the first chat for free as a trial version. Register here to join demo phishing training next week (1st- 5th July 2019) with the TreeSolution LearnBot. You will receive an SMS from +41 79807 44 07 every day from Monday to Friday at 9 o'clock.

Naturally, we love getting feedback on content and usability. Tell us all topics that you would like your employees to brush up on. We will be happy to consider your wishes for further development.

We wish you lots of fun and success in testing.

Update August 2023: the chats can now also be played by teams.

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