6th November 2019

The Hoxhunt Phishing Service

Phishing service from Hoxhunt: Thumbnail of a woman in front of a computer.

Train employees intelligently on phishing

In our opinion, this service is one of the best phishing test solutions on the market. That's why we work with Hoxhunt to give you the best service possible as a local partner.

The goal of the Finnish company Hoxhunt is to empower all employees to protect themselves and the company from phishing and cybercrime.

Using a platform with a game-style interface, users compete against each other in small micro-learning units and receive immediate feedback on their behaviour. Thanks to the reward system for reporting and the ease of use, the reporting rate is extremely high at 60%. This type of training empowers employees to identify and report suspicious e-mails. Reductions in risky behaviour become visible after 12 simulations and after one year the error rate is less than 2%.

How does the training work?

Every 10 days, employees receive simulated phishing e-mails from Hoxhunt. These are individually tailored to the field of activity of each employee. The content is automatically adapted to the competence level. The employees have the option to report the e-mail to Hoxhunt within the mail application via a button. After the message the users receive immediate feedback. The simulations are embedded in the daily work routine, so that behavioural change training is continual.

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