26th June 2018

Learning through play with e-learning

Hands holding the controller of a game console.

Foster competence and development with E-Learnings

eLearning is an effective and efficient way to present security issues to employees and to teach them to handle them correctly. It helps foster the competence and development of employees. By incorporating elements of play, such as the ability to earn points, win badges or compare oneself with other employees or teams, you can provide additional motivation. eLearning structured in this way is based on gamification, meaning the application of game-typical elements and processes in a non-game context such as ours here.

For example, we developed anti-phishing eLearning for Swisscom, which was highly popular in the company. First, the basic knowledge is conveyed in a concise and attractive form. After that and at three different levels of ease/difficulty, people taking the course can apply practically what they have learned and gain points. An anti-phishing trophy is awarded for the best performance.

This kind of gamified eLearning not only trains employees but is also fun, helping the learning to stay in the user’s memory.

E-learning courses: Example of customized issues.

We can develop customer and topic specific eLearning courses for you, which are packed with examples from everyday working life, thus making security issues more meaningful to your employees.

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