31st March 2020

The current situation challenges us all

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Support and special offers from TreeSolution

The current situation challenges us all. Therefore we have compiled valuable aid packages for you and offer them at special conditions or even free of charge. Which ones, you will find out at the end of this letter.

Dear Readers

We have always been a company that works remote. Therefore, not much will change for us and we can continue to provide our services at a high level of quality.

To ensure that not only people stay healthy, but also that the company IT remains virus-free, new urgencies for security awareness arise for many companies when working in the home office. Especially in the current situation it is important that

  • Employees are trained in the secure use of remote access services;
  • Employees learn how to handle confidential information securely in the home office;
  • If working with private devices, ensure that malware or hackers cannot enter the corporate network through unsecure devices;
  • If working with company devices, ensure that they are adequately protected against access by third parties;
  • Fake news, phishing attacks and other attempts by cybercriminals to exploit the current situation are detected and fended off;
  • Regulatory requirements are correctly taken into account also in the home office (e.g. data protection, cross-border).

If you have followed us so far, you know that we have solutions and that we are flexible in pricing. I think that never made more sense than now. Because for many companies, it's drawing on the reserves and every franc or euro saved is valuable.

That's why we have the following concrete offers for you, to relieve you as simply and straightforwardly as possible:

  1. You will receive a 20% discount on our e-learnings in the purchase option;
  2. Our "Awareness Club Silver" subscription option is now available for just one year instead of two years;
  3. As an immediate measure, you and your employees get free access to our e-learning module "Working securely in your home office"; you only pay our direct costs for activation, support and hosting, which we will keep as low as possible;
  4. You can already download our information sheet for the e-learning module "Working securely in your home office" free of charge and freely distribute it in your company.
    --> You find the download form at the bottom of the page.

If you are planning measures to make your home office employees more secure in terms of IT, talk to us. We will be happy to be there for you and to search with and for you for solutions that support you in your current needs and that are affordable.

Stay healthy and secure. If we can support you in any way, talk to us.

Cordially yours,

Thomas Schlienger

P.S. Information security must not be forgotten even in the current extraordinary situation, otherwise the damage to our economy could become even greater. Therefore, do not neglect the training and sensitization of your employees.

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