13th September 2018

A New Look for E-Learning

Social Engineering E-Learning Challenge: Thumnail Graphic.

Gamification in E-Learnings

Learning Solution Magazine has found that many e-learning programs do not take advantage of today's numerous digital opportunities. The challenge is not to produce perfect content for each training course, but to find out how to optimally assemble content so that it best supports the learner. For this reason, it is important to produce different types of e-learning to consolidate the learning experiences of employees.

Gamified e-learnings are a new kind of online training. Designing Digitally sees the following advantage in this type of e-learning: the rewards to be achieved produce happiness hormones, which lead to people wanting to achieve more rewards. The resulting increased willingness to do and continue the e-learning leads to the content being better processed and learned, thus increasing overall learning success.

E-Learning Challenge": screenshot of the result sheet with success rate.

Companies can enrich their e-learning and training in many ways with gamification. This helps your company and increases the satisfaction and participation rate of the employees.

Do you have out-of-date e-learning that could use a new look? Would you like general information about e-learning, gamification, and the latest technical possibilities? Then get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to help!

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