How to change security behaviour
"Science and psychology are necessary for effective information security. This combination enables us to offer state-of-the-art training solutions and tailor them to the needs of your specific business."

Spooky Security Challenge

The innovative cyber challenge for your employees
Security Awareness Booster - to protect your company data.

Game play helps you learn how to handle real-life dangers – By securing your customer data, you build trust for long-term business relationships

What can I expect ?
In short, easy-to-remember game sequences, “Robbie” makes your employees aware of security gaps. “Spooky” tries to exploit these gaps and in doing so stimulates your employees’ thinking.

The social aspect, unique in the industry so far, ensures mindful training and increases the security awareness of the users. Secure the foundations of your customer relationships now – easily, online and at any time.

Your advantages


Consolidation of your training activities

  • Sustainable, gamified learning methods
  • Short, entertaining learning units
Spooky & Robbie

Increase in security awareness

  • Security awareness knowledge level rankings
  • Learning success transparency through evaluation information for security officers
  • Emulation between employees
Spooky & Robbie

Protection against data misuse

  • Improve insurance coverage through security awareness measures
  • Avoid the high costs of cyber damage

What does the Spooky Security Challenge bring me?

By regularly stimulating security awareness among your employees, we ensure that an information security culture is anchored in their actions and thoughts.

What challenges are there?

Integrated topics in the 1st challenge package

Spooky Phishing


    Spooky Social Engineering

    Social Engineering

      Spooky Classification


        What is the difference compared to others?

        The gamified structure, together with the rankings of the challenge among teammates, is the first of its kind anywhere.

        Further consolidation between the topics and emulation between your employees creates a completely new awareness. Your employees motivate themselves, saving you considerable time and money.

        How come?
        Well, who wants to be at the bottom of a ranking list?!

        Spooky & Robbie

        The contents of the Spooky Security Challenge in detail

        What’s inside...

        • Spot security holes
        • Expand knowledge and apply it directly
        • Win awards for speed
        • Compete in challenges against each other or in teams
        • Collect points for yourself and your team
        • Short and entertaining learning units
        • 4-5 minutes per challenge

        It’s also...

        • A sustainable learning method
        • A way to understand the core problem
        • Optimise secure behaviour
        • A boost to security
        • Based on the latest scientific standards
        • A unique learning opportunity in the industry

        And it‘s...

        • Language selection from: German, English, French, Italian, and many more.
        • Integrate with your learning platform or through our Learning Center
        • Available for any size of company
        • Design adaptable to your corporate identity
        • Content adaptable to your needs

        Your most important advantages at a glance

        Strengthen your “human firewall”
        Minimize your security gaps through targeted training of your employees
        Learning evaluation as proof of compliance
        Boost security awareness in the company with a competitive approach
        Thanks to the support of TreeSolution, we have made a real step forward in the area of awareness - now we have to keep our eye on the ball.
        CISO of a Swiss health insurance company
        View the Success Story (PDF)
        Dr. Thomas Schlienger, TreeSolution CEO und Inhaber

        Dr. Thomas Schlienger

        CEO und Inhaber

        Spooky Security Challenge

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